Frank van der Kuur geeft een presentatie op test automation day

Frank van der Kuur geeft op 20 juni a.s. een presentatie op test automation day in Jaarbeurs Utrecht. CloseSure is met een stand aanwezig.

Automated functional acceptance testing of mobile apps using Robot Framework and Appium.

We cannot imagine a life without mobile apps. Availability and functionality of these apps are crucial and still testing of these apps is too often a manual and time-consuming process. So….Automate!
In this hands-on talk, Frank demonstrates how to create readable and maintainable functional testscripts for mobile apps and websites quickly and easily using Robot Framework and Appium. Thanks to Robot Framework’s keyword driven testing, he removes the need for an extensive knowledge of java or other programming language.


Frank vander Kuur

Frank van der Kuur
Test Consultant



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